Sunday, September 20, 2009

My dream was realised but I was sleeping

This week I learned that sometimes you have bad weeks.
Really bad weeks and sometimes those weeks are so bad that you decided to throw away your life ambition and become a asexual hermit whose has cats and maybe a coffee machine.
I really haven't given this week much thought in terms of lessons for my sister but due to my nonexistent readership I thought I would try and make something out of this week so I feel better when I check my statcounter page.
This week I learned that people lie
a lot. People lie so much that your never going to catch all of it and every once is a while you are going to be so fooled that your left feeling like a four year old.
I now accept this I've got a (hopefully) long life ahead of me and I'm going to be left feeling hopelessly stupid many more times. This brings me to number two on the list of things I learned this week.
Many people would wonder why I would bold and CAPS LOCK this it seems so obvious but sometimes the things are hidden in plain sight.
Emotions suck at times because feeling hurt...hurts feeling mad can feel ugly and out of control and feeling happy can just feel so lame in an overly cynical world.
At the end of the day though sometimes you need to put on the fluffy sweater turn on the TV grab your overly large dog and do some serious big baby style sobbing. Then you can ingest the chemical weight of a small factory in strawberry marshmallows.

Things seem better. Then you have crazy dreams about elevators and stuff.
But it's a fair tradeoff.
Finally I learned that were always going to make mistakes with our friends. Sometimes they are going to be really really really big mistakes and we just have to wait it out. Because you can't make anyone forgive you. Sometimes you really mess up and your going to have to wait for that person to comes to terms with it.
I didn't think that the first nine days of school would be this hard/educational/amazing
In the meantime I'll watch Glee while pretending to be Rachel Berry and manufacturing a lovechild wardrobe of Emma Pillsbury and Kurt Hummel. TV addictions are a sad thing never fall into them.


  1. I came across your blog while ago, and everytime I read a new post, I search for something meaningful to say. Inspiration still hasn't struck but I'll tell you this: your sister is lucky to have a guide through the tough teenage years. As the older siblings we have to go through common mistakes first.

  2. the first weeks of school were horrible for me, too. with my best friend not in even ONE of my classes (well, gym for one period twice a week), and my other friends completely ignoring me for soccer, i have learned to reach out to other people, and now i've really gotten a chance to know other people in my class that i havent talked to in ages. and it feels pretty good.
    i've cried a lot this month, and felt horrible, but i really do believe that the storm really will pass, and a rainbow will always be there waiting for you (:
    (plus chocolate and America's Next Top Model help immensely. I can relate to you with the tv addictions... hahha )