Monday, June 22, 2009

Well I got sicker blaaahhhh. Then reality kicked in and I realized that had to pass science and math. But here I am! Summertime awaits full of possible lessons for me and my sisters.
Today I learned about possibility. Today I learned that it is the most fickle thing in the world and that sometimes when everything is new and possible and there are two months of freedom awaiting you.
Everything can seem a little dark cause one tiny door is slowly closing. But here's the kicker.
that doesn't mean the end of the world.
Do we get to be worried? Sad? Confused? Of course! But the fact is that chances are always going to be out there and maybe I'm being to hard on myself maybe the chance still is there. But it's the eternal fight for optimism that keeps life interesting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today I didn't learn much. I learned never to trust ANYONE who tells you where your exam is not the commissionaire or your classmates NOBODY just go into the halls and check the postings saves you a lot of strife. I also learned that writing lists is a great way to make yourself feel like you've accomplished something. Cause if by the end of the year you can say that you accomplished one thing on your list things are good.



1. Attend/Help organize a rally because Mc Carthy's big uniform supplier uses child labour? Not cool.

2.Learn To Sew- I need to stop going into stores and saying "Oh god I could make that!" it bothers salespeople

3.Learn to Cook-I sound so domestic!

4.Practice my flute (My guriella war tactics won out evil music teacher retired! )

5. Get a good grasp on the guitar

6. Have amazing bonfire making starlight party at petro park
7.Visit the art gallery in the city and locally regularly.
8. Use the car as little as possible

9.Teach everyone the beauty of Kerr street. Seriously it's a haven just waiting to be discovered.

10.Return my library books on time.

11. Keep being a "Harold" ala Harold and Maude and visiting the cemeteries with Meagan. (One Day write a post explaining this)

12. WriteWriteWrite

13.Walk through the lakeside trails downtown till we reach a secluded park blasting the Beatles. Then have a picnic.

14.Eat lots of Gelato

15. Have "Film fests"

16. Get mum's old SLR and take lots and lots of pictures.

17. Be Brave

18.Take Chances

19.Forget everything I learned in school except for drama and history those are important things

20. See 500 days of Summer and get my hair cut like the girl in 500 days of summer

21.Make those tshirts for all my friends "Modest as an Effin Peacock" "Plain as an Effin Zebra" "Happy as an Effin Thundercloud" "Straight as an Effin Curly Straw" etc. etc.

22. Go to lots and lots of varied concerts

24. Have more choir kid reunion specials and interesting artsy kid hangouts which result in interesting and blurry pictures that make me look like a ghost.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today I learned that some days you don't learn anything cause your sick.

Now time for my attempts to make something out of this!

Today was an average day. Most of us have a lot of those. And I learned that it is only when you are having on of those average days that you get to try out all the things that you supposedly learned. Today I learned about the commonplace ritual of saying goodbye to things. People,Ancient School Buildings,Pairs of Shoes and Dregs of Ice cream Sundaes. I learned about small victories. I may not be able to discuss the current Iran situation with my sister but last weekend we watched the original French Persepolis
Our favorite scene "A ba Le Shah! "
(No idea how to spell that one) The expression on her mothers face is priceless.
Other than that it's a sparse day. Tomorrow marks the last day of school then exams. Expect a slightly nostalgic,picture laden,polyester uniform explosion,pictures of geese-ing post tomorrow. I shall be ditching 2nd and 3rd periods to go to the lake and that gelato place by the record store. Also in my anger over the mean people who sent things to Mary ala Hail Mary-honestly it makes you want to hurt someone she handled it with class. Of course I didn't realize that I was on embracing Mondays! Ah! Seriously life is good.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Today I learned about people.
Broad opening
sentence don't you think? But really,today I learned that you never have anybody all figured out. I hate to admit that. Cause to so many people I'm a confidante and I like to think I have everyone figured out. I like to think that bi-weekly therapy visits have basically given me a degree in psychology. But you never figure everything out about everyone. Or anyone for that matter.
Isn't that kind of beautiful?
Cause mystery is beautiful it's exciting and strange and well. I relish it! I love the idea of getting to know someone. Whether that means making a new friend,going on a date,or just have a real talk with your best friend like when you were in grade six and spent hours talking over movies eating jumbo bags of popcorn.
Countdown till summer starts hopefully it's one of learning (Note to self after
Monday start emptying your head of formulas for the days ahead)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ever seen a baby robin be born? Put that on your to do list.

Today I learned about preperation.

With exams looming and culminatings on top of us it's easy to think of preperation in the simple reading your notes kind of way. But today I saw a baby bird being born,right i front of my eyes I saw something that looked like a rock become something alive! This little robin has been preparing for this moment it's entire life. This is the hardest thing it has ever done. It has no plan,no idea on what will happen next but it puts in more effort than ever.

So what does that say about us.

about chances and possibility and being brave?

I think about preperation and maybe that's just as important as the end result. That it's this weird mix of being ready and facing the unknown. That tiny robin has no idea what the big wide world will bring and yet this is the big event. After the shell there's no real plan but that does'nt matter.

I want to be that robin because all the preperation in the world only sets us up for a single event after that we'll play it by ear and we'll see the world for the first time. Maybe we'll start defenseless but from that comes a beautiful song.

cheese fest but I'm feeling reflective

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lessons for my Sister

It's funny the things you realize in an elevator. Today?
I realized that NOBODY tells you what to prepare for in terms of growing up. It's enough to give a girl one serious peter pan complex. I am a pop culture junkie at times. I watch TV and movies read copious amounts of of books and honestly I thought that teenagerdom wouldn't throw me
HA! So I write lessons for my sister. Cause I mean by the time things get tough I'll be OLD. You try and tell your parents things are harder now? Well they can't see it cause their youth probably was no bed of roses.
I never want to be the adult who is so caught up in their current life that they forget how crazy their teen years can be.
Not that I'm bitter or angry with my teenage years, the friends I have now are amazing, if life never gets any better than this I am content. But still I'm thrown for a loop. For example; What does a date entail? Do teachers ever tell you the truth? How do you separate something deep from a pile of angst?
I'm trying to figure that out. So every day I will learn or discover something and I will write a lesson for my sister. I'm feeling very Maya Angelou letters to my daughter esque right now. I want to teach all my "sisters" something. I want to teach myself something.