Monday, July 13, 2009

Today I learned about language. It's amazing how the vibrations of our vocal cords contain so much. But what is a voice without an ear?

So many times we all seem to forget to listen. Not just hear but listen. Sometimes it's harder to listen then it is to talk. It's finding that balance that is so tough. As I mentioned in my first ever post being a teenager is almost impossible at times. Humans by our very nature are self centered,not just teenagers and striking the balance between talking and listening is what keeps our sanity and friendships.

In my first post I also talked alot about how rapidly growing up changes. What amazes me is that with every option we have to talk to people we feel like our voices are'nt heard. I am not saying that this is the only generation that has felt silenced for every generation has. Maybe it's because with every chance we are given to show ourselves to the world we are given one more place to spread a persona.

Maybe none of these million outlets ask for a real person.

Status updates should be proclaimations of our amazing lives or Jerry Seinfeld esque witty observations. Perhaps the reason that we have'nt seen a rush to the comedy clubs that was seen is in the 80's is because every wannabe comedian has simply taken to their twitter account.

Maybe this is a blessing. Two painful hours in a comedy club reduced to 140 characters. But if we don't take advantage of these oppertuinties to make our voices heard then what vare we going to miss out on?

Once again it all comes down to a balancing act of talking and listening and being confident in being heard. Because once you learn balance it's as easy as breathing the hardest part is to move on.

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  1. i love this. you have such a way with writing!
    ironically, i was just thinking today how i really need to work on listening. i tend to daze off into space when people are talking to me, listening, but not close enough. you can really miss a lot from not listening close enough to people. i've learned this from my friends. people say something, but they could mean something completely different and if you don't give them your full attention when they say this, you miss out and miss out on their plea for help, or something else.
    as for speaking, thats why i adore blogging. because i can show people who i really am and when people comment, i know they're really listening. and that what i have to say matters in someway to someone.
    i don't think i can say enough how much i love your blog! (maybe my paragraphed comments answers that for you...hhah)