Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a terrible blogger! I thought I could commit but life takes over (please do not assume I have a social life instead I've had a lot of family time vacations etc etc.) But here's what I have learned during my hiatus.

Relationships are never ever easy.

DUH! Well of course I knew this but did I ever realize how hard it would be? Like even getting to square one date wise?

In my first post I asked what a date was,though my bio sis has had a relationship or two (against the family rules by the way). She has yet to be on a date.

NOTE: I believe in dating the "old fashioned way" dates first then you are that persons boyfriend girlfriend etc etc.

Well though the date never happened I learned what one consisted of.


Date [
dey-te] noun,verb ,dat-ed,date-ing. A meeting of two persons of a romantically social manner in which the dater pays for the date-ee. Examples of a date often include entertainment and food. Food is always good cause it stops you from talking too much. Movie talkers should undergo extensive rehabilitation before going on dates. Dates are very fragile,mothers are especially fragile about first dates.

There we have it our first definition!

Back to my big realization that relationships are hard. What really makes them hard is other people though. But enough on that I'm starting to sound

Another thing I learned... yes I did learn
a lot how could you not look at this landscape and think?

A huge part of my blog is about growing up. This is the 2
nd largest stage of my brain development (The first was around ages 2-6). As I get older mentally and physically it's hard for me to deal with at times. For example growing two bra sizes in the same number of months. I have a precious collection of gray tshirts all gone because I have really really weird genes.
Something I had to learn the hard and long way with the help of my friends family therapist
and the voice of amazingness in cyberspace HAIL MARY. Was that my body will change. I have to accept that slowly and learn to at least like it.
It's even stranger because as I learn to deal with my rapidly evolving body my parents have to deal with my rapidly changing mind.
It took me a very very long time to admit to anyone I wanted to go on dates or have crushes or be in relationships. I'm stupidly cynical really. So now that I want these things and am rushing to the starting gate I have to realize....
NOBODY ELSE IS THERE! Continuing with the racetrack metaphor they
aren't even at the track. So I need to take a step back.
We all want the world to agree with us to see things our way at our times. So my sisters I ask you to join with me in remembering to give our parents a break.
If there is anything that i have learned in the past few weeks love/like/lust is difficult and throwing in angry confused parents makes it even harder.

Glad I got all that off my chest.

Anyways... I am asking the readers (the few that there are whom I love. please don't be
creeped out). To put up with me while I try a few new things with this blog. I'm going to try putting some more varied posts about the things that are important to me and I hope you'll comment on them. Of the very very few things I know for sure (no clue how Oprah writes one every month.) I know that finding your passions and putting them out there are VERY important to growing up. I have a few things on the burner such as
JELLY-GATE and my opinions of the self esteem saver mamaVISION
GSA's and being a choir girl in a catholic school.
and my love affair with David Levithan and his amazing novellas.

Did you make it through the whole post?

PS I am now a Twit!


  1. I can't believe I hadn't seen that link before! Thank you sweet heart!
    But seriously... "Movie talkers should undergo extensive rehabilitation before going on dates."

    and I could say a million things about relationships being hard right now.... but.. :(

  2. I love that definition haha. And hellz yes for David Levithan!

    This is a fantastic blog btw.

    XO Lee