Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sebastian wrote his diary that. He would never be young again

Recently as my friends have found out that I have a blog (Not that I am telling them the url I like my secret world). They've began to ask questions about what I blog about and if I ever mention them. I started thinking about why I didn't want my real world people to see my blog and I figured out that maybe I was a little scared about being judged and a lot more scared about how they would perceive my online "persona".
Persona's are fun and being able to go online and become the person that you really would like to be. The fact is that the "real world" calls for us to be a lot more jaded or cynical. Often it's fun having a commentary running in your head but I don't think that I or anyone else can ever grow as a person if they don't have some way to step back and see the big picture.
Thats what I answer when people ask about my blog now. I don't want to sound preach or give away crucial googleable details about my blog so I say.
It's all about seeing the big picture. Taking the everyday stuff we don't think about and seeing how it all fits into life.
Breaking out of my super selfish and not at all advice giving or lessony post. I guess what I am trying to say is that sarcasm is fun optimism helps us grow.
Eventually we'll hit that perfect balance...somehow.

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  1. this is so true. I don't know what I'd do if anyone i knew found my blog because i feel i can just be myself and write about anything and no one will judge me. like a fresh start.