Thursday, January 21, 2010

I typed the first sentance now I can't get Elvis out of my head.

Things are getting all shook up again.
It's funny because change is always a mixed bag. In the history of the world I don't think there has ever been a 100% positive or negative change.
Change is scary and it's fun and it's sad and sometimes we see it coming and sometimes we don't. The semesters ending and I'm happy to say goodbye to law and math but sad to lose drama and ancient civ. I'm going to miss my friends cause I don't have many classes with them next semester. I'm going to (hopefully) enjoy my co-op. Thats scary to though because as much as I want to get out of high school I don't want to be out of the loop.
Missing 3/5 school periods will probably put me there.
I've been thinking alot about change and how it can sneak up on you. Like suddenly you realize that you have to go find out whats going on in someone's life instead of them telling you. Or that three units of math have passed since the last time you looked up at the lesson.
Or that you thought it had'nt been long since you talked to someone from elementary school and then something tragic happens and you realize.
I don't know them anymore.
This post is kind of doom and gloom cause I am coming to a lot of realizations and being reminded of my own mortality and of course the worst thing of all
math exams
On a happier note my new years resolutions are going well my drama culminating was a total success and I think I'm learning even more.
Soon this will all be over and I'll have learned the answers to most of my questions and the changes will finally be complete.

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