Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's a funny thing the way were all told that at 16 there is no way that we can know what love is.
But I know love. I have yet to experience it in it's romantic form- I love.
I love the way the world smells after it rains
I love the way a good song is not just heard through your ears but pulsates through your whole body
I love that moment on the swingset when you and every other thought in the world - are suspended
I love the sound of my friend's laughter
I love the feeling of slowly waking up
I love how on just the right day at just the right moment anything can be possible
I love catching a smile with a stranger, the innocence of the moment enveloping you
I love the feeling of a tiny puppy in my arms how is practically shakes with energy and possibility
I love being affected by works of fiction in such profound ways
I love feeling connected
I love the sound that a large group of people make responding at once-the sound of something greater

I love that second when your working as a team when everything falls together. When you look at each other and think damn we did this!
I love those people who you can contact out of the blue and just "click" with again
I love that moment when you are running so fast your legs start to move by yourself and everything is- free
I love that feeling when you slip on a vintage dress. That feeling that the thing you are wearing was worn when lives were happening. The way yours is now.
I love the first word typed, the first letter written in a new notebook,the first snapshot on a roll of film and the first time you open a hardcover book.
I love how looking through a persons music collection can tell you so much about them
I love that I have a music collection that I think sends out a pretty good message.
I love how couples can be together for a million years or two days and yet the love is the same
I love my mother hugs
I love the way my sister links arms with me
I love my father's guitar
I love that moment when you first walk into someone's bedroom the sheer emotionally intimacy of it.
I love being young
I love acting older
I love being able to contradict myself in so many ways,but still feel whole

And finally- I love knowing that love comes in so many forms that somehow on the most couple oriented day of the year I can find love and beauty everywhere.

happy valentines day everyone
what do you love?

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