Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prooouuddd Proud to be Proud to see (this moment demands a tegan and sara song)

It's been a crazy three days. I've learned that discrimination is out there,ignorance is out there. Well I knew that but I don't think that I really understood what it felt like. I'm white and middle class living in liberal suburbia. But of course there will always be people who don't share my views...loudly. These views can be scary they can be offensive and in my mind they are wrong(but who am I to judge?). I know that people go through stuff like this every day. That discrimination or hatred is something that we will all experience and something we have to deal with.
I have been reminded though that I am a child. I can fight like an adult, I can speak like an adult but I am a child in this I realize that I should not have to feel the need to fight with adults every day.
So what do we do? For no matter how "average" my sister is she will experience some form of discrimination or belittlement.
Well we have a few options we can stay and fight, we can duck our heads down and hope for the best or we can get out.
You know sometimes despite our (my) innate stubbornness the smartest thing is to get out.
So I changed my schedule and since that 1:45 meeting with guidance I've had a massive smile on my face that nothing (not even the cooking class I know have to take) can wipe it off. I made my points I stood up for myself and what I believe in. I did all i could and maybe I didn't last long but I lasted long enough.
Now I'm going to keep myself safe because it is my right to feel safe where I learn.
I can handle that.

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