Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm opinionated,passionate and pigheaded. These are often seen as disadvantages to my personality and sometimes they are. But today I am in full fledged rant mode.
I am woman,hear me roar cyberspace.
So there is this woman
MamaV who is a big believer in self esteem crushing the pro ana movement etc etc. All very good things. She struggled with "disordered eating" and wants to speak out. Also really good.
But she takes on this role as a superhuman taking the anorexics and sad housewives saving them.
I have a few issues with

1. She has never admitted to a full fledged ED.
Check out her blog read her story tell me what you think. I see a woman in serious denial.
2.She has a moderate holier than thou attitude also a major turn off.

What is jelly-gate? In a nutshell a woman posted on one of the posts on
MamaV's latest venture "We are the real deal" that there was nothing representing the broad demographic that the website so ferociously pushes.
So this is where all my suspicions came to the forefront .
MamaV attacks! She is quick and cruel signing off with "Barbie The Goddess You Will Never Be"

So now I start to really wonder can this woman give advice? We are all flawed we all lash out but to attack someone for pointing out the oh to obvious makes me think that she needs to work through some issues before she puts herself out there online. Blogs are public and if you get noticed get ready for something big to happen.
People want to be represented. This idea that
WATRD so advocated that fat thin and average and gay and straight and white and black and every other colour of skin and nationality well
We have some body issues.
So maybe the panel of people need to be
revaluated, or the issues they speak on need to be rethought cause MamaV was/is a lifeline to many.
jellygate and jelly-apologygate new women have come onto the panel which I'm happy about.
But I don't think I'll be checking out
WATRD for a while. They is a lot of bad air circulating through that little corner of cyberspace and I feel a little hurt and kind of lost. I've always been a rare breed in the ED recovery community...but more on that later.
Readers...if you are out there check out the links and tell me what you think! I've spent a few days on this post editing for excessive
bitchyness. Hope it's coherent.

p.s on a happier note here is a
link to my most favoritest webcomic of all time.

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