Monday, December 28, 2009

Alright here we go new years resolutions. I know that I like to stress that life is about done lists not to do lists but I think that we all need to set goals because that's what gives us the motivation to have our done lists. So without further new years resolutions

1. Become more open to physical contact. I can properly hug about two people in the whole world. My middle sister and my mum. Everyone else is an awkward mess. This was particularly highlighted at a party when an (admittedly drunk) person told me that I looked too stiff and they would hug me till I was not. Now could this of been avoided if I was a better hugger? Of course.

2. Follow up on plans. I want to write that TV pitch/pilot. Create my one in eight hundred feature for my school. Make documentaries and do more baking

3. Be a bit healthier. I want to do a little more upper body strength training so I have plans to join a rock climbing gym. Now to see if the one I faintly remember from grade two still exists.

4. Host a single party. I have dreams of being an excellent hostess but it kind of terrifies me. If I can hold one small party by December 31st 2010 I will be very proud of myself.

5. Become more of a performer. I don't expect to become my sister but I do want to be able to sing a solo or do a monologue without puking/fainting/going into a catatonic state for two hours after.

6. Visit universities. I need to look into some more local universities though Kings is my dream school I need to open up my options

7. Write even more

8. Buy more pencil skirts and bright colours and accessories (I have really just discovered jewelry and handbags )

9. Be a bit less of a control freak. I'm not asking that I destroy the basis of my whole personality but everything would probably go a lot smoother if I let a few more things go.

10. Be a better friend. I swear sometimes I feel like someone should just put a big WORST FRIEND EVER tattoo on my forehead to protect the world from my bad friend-ness

11. Be a better (more consistent blogger) if I actually want to make an attempt at influencing people I need to keep quality and quantity up. This blog was created in the spirit of helping my "sisters" but really it's the one that's teaching me. I've learned so much from this experience so far and if I don't make a resolution to keep me blogging I think I could forget.

12. Finally I want to keep seeing the beauty and the lessons in things. Like blogging I need this to be tattooed to my hand or something cause it's so easy to forget. So I resolve to remember that

There are lessons and beauty in every moment of sadness and joy and anger and confusion.

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