Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tidings Of Comfort and Joy

Well Christmas was two days ago (or whenever I actually get around to finishing this post). Gift wise I am extremely happy as I hope that the new camcorder will rocket me to journalistic/documentarian stardom. Spiritually it was unspiritual though I was really happy with how the choir preformed. I was kind of at a loss on how I could reflect on my holidays until last night. I went to a party being held by my vocal teacher and the rooms was filled with friends and family former and current students. One of her students had moved to France to study music met and opera singer got married and had a beautiful child (I just thought it was too romantic of a back story to leave out). Anyways her and her husband sang o holy night in french and as I was sitting their filming it and thinking " I cannot believe how lucky I am to be hearing this" I realized that this is my holiday lesson. We all can so often find ourselves obsessed with perfection especially during the holidays we don't want to gain weight and find the perfect present and bring the perfect potluck dish along with our perfectly wrapped present while wearing our perfect outfit which we are convinced will ultimately make everyone happy and create the perfect Christmas. But that's never going to happen. So we make a nice potluck dish,lose the scale, do our best to find a good present and present it with love while wearing a pretty nice outfit. Then we take a breathe and listen to the music

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