Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boo to the business world! You are working for the joy of giving.

Hello blogosphere! Guess what! I no longer have to pray that this blog makes it to the big time or put terrible ads on it so I can support my various habits and (totally legal) addictions! Why you may ask? 
Since that glorious moment last Friday at noon I have renamed myself "Job Guru" and I am now ready to share my knowledge with cyberspace.
Okay not really seeing as I searched for a job for about two years and I only ever had one interview.
But like all things I've learned something about life and seeing as that is the purpose of this blog I might as well write it down here.
Out there in the big wide world we are constantly being appraised. For instance today I saw a poster for a really terrible looking movie whose tag line is "What happens when a 5 goes out with a 10?"
Yeah I'm rushing to the theatre to see that one.
My point though is that life is like one giant antiques road show. Especially the whole process of applying for a job thing. You go in there put all your best references and try your best to make yourself look like a puppy hugging starving family feeding rabbit hutch building for unemployed fluffy bunnies model citizen. Sometimes they believe you and you're like that guy with the six million dollar blanket that he bought at a garage sale for two bucks and other times you're that guy who comes in with a bugle from the civil war only to find out that it was made in Taiwan in the 80s. 
What I'm trying to get at is that getting a job requires a lot of luck. People don't like to admit that because it's makes them the employed and the overall better smarter person. So maybe the interviewer likes your shoes or they have a thing for the courier font so they remember you. 
This means that especially in these economic times jobs are going to be hard to come by whether your sixteen or forty six and that sucks. Especially if you are at the older range and I really don't have much advice for you yet. But if you are young take this as a blessing. You'll be working for the rest of you're life and maybe pushing that back a while could be a good thing.

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