Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tony makes 60 K, invests in IRA’s, But I’m busy making paper airplanes out of resumes

Here's what I've learned. Like the mediocre song says breaking up is hard to do. One would assume that it's even harder when you are not in a romantic relationship. But either this is something that everyone goes through or I'm just some psycho. I like option one best.
It's not you it's me, We've both changed though, I need space. All lines from the book of George Costanza, lines I never thought I would be saying them but last week that's all I could say. You know clichés are underrated. Kafka and Shakespeare loved a good cliché and sometimes they are the best way to express something. I've learned that sometimes things need to be said. It's best to pick the timing well and to phrase it well but sometimes that doesn't work out. Sometimes we say things like oh I don't know.... "You need to get your head out of your butt and realize there is a whole world outside your petty drama" (Man that looks terrible when typed). But it leads to better things. I've talked about friendships fading and also the terrible massive fight end to a friendship but I've never had a real "mutual break up". I think that part of growing up is re-evaluating relationships. Seeing what is healthy and what's not. Codependency, building resentment and secrets are not healthy and they aren't real friendships and sometimes it's better to step back versus try to work something out that maybe isn't worth working out. It's been a while since this all went down and I have to say I'm feeling pretty damn good about it. There's a whole world out there and it's waiting to be rediscovered. This post is pretty doom and gloom so I'll end on a happier note 1. Employment is looking up for me and if can get a job anyone can. 2. Spring is almost sprung! Weather is gorgeous go for a bike,ride,walk see some flowers takes some pictures and smile.
Everything is alive it's time you were too.

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