Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today I learned that some days you don't learn anything cause your sick.

Now time for my attempts to make something out of this!

Today was an average day. Most of us have a lot of those. And I learned that it is only when you are having on of those average days that you get to try out all the things that you supposedly learned. Today I learned about the commonplace ritual of saying goodbye to things. People,Ancient School Buildings,Pairs of Shoes and Dregs of Ice cream Sundaes. I learned about small victories. I may not be able to discuss the current Iran situation with my sister but last weekend we watched the original French Persepolis
Our favorite scene "A ba Le Shah! "
(No idea how to spell that one) The expression on her mothers face is priceless.
Other than that it's a sparse day. Tomorrow marks the last day of school then exams. Expect a slightly nostalgic,picture laden,polyester uniform explosion,pictures of geese-ing post tomorrow. I shall be ditching 2nd and 3rd periods to go to the lake and that gelato place by the record store. Also in my anger over the mean people who sent things to Mary ala Hail Mary-honestly it makes you want to hurt someone she handled it with class. Of course I didn't realize that I was on embracing Mondays! Ah! Seriously life is good.

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  1. ah. good luck with all of your exams (:
    my last one is thursday. thank the lord.
    and i feel the same way about Mary's post. she did handle it with lots&lots of class. i respect her deeply for that. haa.
    also, thanks for the lovely comment, and i'm glad i have found you ! (in a non-stalker way...hhaa)