Friday, June 19, 2009

Today I didn't learn much. I learned never to trust ANYONE who tells you where your exam is not the commissionaire or your classmates NOBODY just go into the halls and check the postings saves you a lot of strife. I also learned that writing lists is a great way to make yourself feel like you've accomplished something. Cause if by the end of the year you can say that you accomplished one thing on your list things are good.



1. Attend/Help organize a rally because Mc Carthy's big uniform supplier uses child labour? Not cool.

2.Learn To Sew- I need to stop going into stores and saying "Oh god I could make that!" it bothers salespeople

3.Learn to Cook-I sound so domestic!

4.Practice my flute (My guriella war tactics won out evil music teacher retired! )

5. Get a good grasp on the guitar

6. Have amazing bonfire making starlight party at petro park
7.Visit the art gallery in the city and locally regularly.
8. Use the car as little as possible

9.Teach everyone the beauty of Kerr street. Seriously it's a haven just waiting to be discovered.

10.Return my library books on time.

11. Keep being a "Harold" ala Harold and Maude and visiting the cemeteries with Meagan. (One Day write a post explaining this)

12. WriteWriteWrite

13.Walk through the lakeside trails downtown till we reach a secluded park blasting the Beatles. Then have a picnic.

14.Eat lots of Gelato

15. Have "Film fests"

16. Get mum's old SLR and take lots and lots of pictures.

17. Be Brave

18.Take Chances

19.Forget everything I learned in school except for drama and history those are important things

20. See 500 days of Summer and get my hair cut like the girl in 500 days of summer

21.Make those tshirts for all my friends "Modest as an Effin Peacock" "Plain as an Effin Zebra" "Happy as an Effin Thundercloud" "Straight as an Effin Curly Straw" etc. etc.

22. Go to lots and lots of varied concerts

24. Have more choir kid reunion specials and interesting artsy kid hangouts which result in interesting and blurry pictures that make me look like a ghost.

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  1. ah, i love making lists! i also made a summer goals list, though mine isn't quite as long.
    i love numbers 2, 12, 17, 18, 20 & 22 on yours (: