Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lessons for my Sister

It's funny the things you realize in an elevator. Today?
I realized that NOBODY tells you what to prepare for in terms of growing up. It's enough to give a girl one serious peter pan complex. I am a pop culture junkie at times. I watch TV and movies read copious amounts of of books and honestly I thought that teenagerdom wouldn't throw me
HA! So I write lessons for my sister. Cause I mean by the time things get tough I'll be OLD. You try and tell your parents things are harder now? Well they can't see it cause their youth probably was no bed of roses.
I never want to be the adult who is so caught up in their current life that they forget how crazy their teen years can be.
Not that I'm bitter or angry with my teenage years, the friends I have now are amazing, if life never gets any better than this I am content. But still I'm thrown for a loop. For example; What does a date entail? Do teachers ever tell you the truth? How do you separate something deep from a pile of angst?
I'm trying to figure that out. So every day I will learn or discover something and I will write a lesson for my sister. I'm feeling very Maya Angelou letters to my daughter esque right now. I want to teach all my "sisters" something. I want to teach myself something.

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