Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ever seen a baby robin be born? Put that on your to do list.

Today I learned about preperation.

With exams looming and culminatings on top of us it's easy to think of preperation in the simple reading your notes kind of way. But today I saw a baby bird being born,right i front of my eyes I saw something that looked like a rock become something alive! This little robin has been preparing for this moment it's entire life. This is the hardest thing it has ever done. It has no plan,no idea on what will happen next but it puts in more effort than ever.

So what does that say about us.

about chances and possibility and being brave?

I think about preperation and maybe that's just as important as the end result. That it's this weird mix of being ready and facing the unknown. That tiny robin has no idea what the big wide world will bring and yet this is the big event. After the shell there's no real plan but that does'nt matter.

I want to be that robin because all the preperation in the world only sets us up for a single event after that we'll play it by ear and we'll see the world for the first time. Maybe we'll start defenseless but from that comes a beautiful song.

cheese fest but I'm feeling reflective

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  1. This is the most adorable blog I've seen in ages.
    I loove it.